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Interesting article in the Washington Post that new polling shows that 65% of America thinks it’s morally acceptable to smoke pot. 31% disapprove of Marijuana on moral grounds which is about the same as those who say the same about alcohol. At the end of 2012 a similar poll was conducted asking the same types of questions and found that only 48% said there is nothing immoral about smoking marijuana. That’s a very big shift and shows support nationally to decriminalize cannabis.

Another interesting fact from this poll was that the poll found that it was about just as moral to have a baby outside of marriage and fund stem cell research. Clearly there is a conservative religious population in this country that has differing views than the majority. The fact remains that 65% is a majority and signals good things to come for the industry. The article states that the gap between marijuana and alcohol is driven entirely by conservatives. Liberals and progressives have been pushing acceptance for years and the education campaign has worked.

This November a few states have laws up for a vote. Michigan is voting about legalizing recreational use. Utah and Missouri have medical measures on the ballot.